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Uncloaked Infinite 10" LP


Kevin Gan Yuen / Uncloaked Infinite / Released by Utech Records

Uncloaked Infinite is the debut solo album from Oakland, California-based multi-disciplinarian Kevin Gan Yuen, better known as the founding member of blackened noise metal luminaries Sutekh Hexen and the design studio viraloptic.com.

This focused body of work examines the concept of the transitory in nature. Throughout the work, the cycles of life/death/rebirth shapeshift, arcing into alternative frameworks and branching toward both rift and sky. A document of the losses and victories of a personal era, the album faces the passage of life and seeks to distill it to blistering radiance. It contemplates and reimagines mortality. To wonder, to wander, and to renew is fundamental to the Uncloaked Infinite.

The foundation of the album is a culmination of electric guitar sources and personal field recordings captured from the last decade across the varied landscapes and temperaments of California. This reserved material then underwent a lengthy process of transmutation, the result of which is as expansive as it is biting, as revelatory as it is arcane.

Although suggested playback settings and speeds listed on the jacket design are the standard 33 and 45 rpm, self-experimentation with variable speeds and altering of dynamic values through EQ/mixer are encouraged—thus realizing an infinite potential for innovative direction in the living practice and art of redefining music.

Cover illustration and graphic design by Kevin Gan Yuen.
Interior photographry and text by Patricia Cram.
Back cover linocut by Rebecca Hearle.
Artist photograph by Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson.
Mastered by Lawrence English.
10" LP edition of 300 copies. Black vinyl. Packaged in a heavy jacket with printed inner sleeve.

Please inquire for international (non U.S.) shipping.